Prayer for those Persecuted in Iraq

An icon of Christ through a brick window in the Middle East

O God of all the Nations,
the One God who is and was and always will be,
who in your providence willed that your Church be united to the
suffering of your Son,
look with mercy on your servants in Iraq
who are persecuted for their faith in you.

Grant them perseverance and courage to be worthy imitators of Christ.
Bring your wisdom upon leaders of nations to work for peace among all peoples.
May your Spirit open conversion for those who contradict your will that we live in harmony.
And in all things may we be united in truth and freedom to seek your will in our lives.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace,
Pray for us.


K of C Help Christians Threatened with Extinction in Iraq

Knights of Columbus Announces Fund to Help Christians Threatened with Extinction in Iraq

Commits $1 million and seeks public donations for humanitarian aid to religious minorities

The Knights of Columbus announced today that is establishing a fund to assist those – particularly Christians as well as other religious minorities – facing a horrific and violent persecution and possible extinction in Iraq and the surrounding regions.

The Knights has pledged an initial $500,000 and will match an additional $500,000 in donations from the public.

“The unprovoked and systematic persecution and violent elimination of Middle East Christians, as well as other minority groups, especially in Iraq, has created an enormous humanitarian crisis,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “Pope Francis has asked the world for prayers and support for those affected by this terrible persecution, and we are asking our members, and all people of good will, to pray for those persecuted and support efforts to assist them by donating to this fund.”

Anderson added: “It has shocked the conscience of the world that people are systematically being purged from the region where their families have lived for millennia – simply for their faith. It is imperative that we stand in solidarity with them in defense of the freedom of conscience, and provide them with whatever relief we can.”

Those seeking to assist with the relief efforts can donate to K of C Christian Refugee Relief by visiting or by sending checks or money orders to: K of C Christian Refugee Relief, Knights of Columbus Charities, P.O. Box 1966, New Haven, CT 06509-1966.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and 100 percent of all donations collected by Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., will be used for humanitarian assistance for those Christians – as well as other religious minorities –being persecuted or displaced in Iraq and the surrounding region.

The Knights of Columbus has a long history of providing humanitarian relief and has done so following Sept. 11, 2001; last year’s typhoons in the Philippines; Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy; tornadoes nationwide; flooding in Mexico; and tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan. 

In addition, the Knights of Columbus has also long supported persecuted Christians. Throughout the 1920s, the Knights provided humanitarian assistance and created international awareness of the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico.

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization with more than 1.8 million members worldwide.

Dedicated to charity, Knights last year provided more than $170 million and more than 70 million hours to charitable causes, assisting substantially with several humanitarian disasters from North America to Asia.

Click here to read the original article that can be found on Supreme Council's website.


39th Annual M.I. Drive (October 10th-12th)


Red Bag Program


Urban Harvest


A Message From Your State Chaplain Rev. Ronald D. Hutchinson

"Much obliged" is an old fashioned phrase first note din the Old Oxford English Dictionary in the sixteenth century. Over the centuries, the phrase has lost some of its richness. Originally, it meant to be bound to a person by ties of gratitude. Today, the phrase is more often used as an automatic response to someone who has performed a perfunctory service. Unfortunately, this practice does not convey the sense of truly being bound to each other by gratitude. What a loss! Because of that loss, many people understand the word obligation as a burden rather than a commitment and duty that flows from a relationship. Obligation is a form of indebtedness that comes from within the heart of a relationship.

Think of the obligations that make for a rich family life. A parent does not say, "I wonder if I have to feed my children this week?" Husbands and wives carry out a myriad of obligatory tasks in service to each other during the course of a week and never ask, "Do I have to?" In loving relationships, we are grateful for the gift of each other and we express that gratitude by doing right actions because we want to do so. Obligatory behaviors grow out of communication, intimacy, and personal and communal relationships. These examples can help us reflect on our "obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2041).

The heart of Sunday obligation is gratitude. The world Eucharist means "to give thanks." We gather each week because we are "much obliged" to God — for everything. This obligation is not an automatic response to someone who has performed a perfunctory service. We come together to "give thanks" to God, our Father who is the source of all life and creations, and to Jesus, God's Son who gave us eternal life through his death on the cross that is made present in every Mass as we participate again in Christ's death and resurrection through the Eucharist.

Each time we "attend Mass," we bring our lives, our very selves, to the Eucharist. We gather together as a community, grateful to have each other as fellow pilgrims in faith and grateful to be nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ. Just as the relationships and obligations in families are nurtured and strengthened by intimacy and communion, so too does our participation in the Eucharist nurture and strengthen our relationship with the Trinity. Food nourishes our body in the same way that our participation in Holy Communion nourishes our spirit and unites us together as individuals and as a community in Christ. Acting on our Sunday obligation of being "much obliged" gives us reason to be "more obliged" in the most authentic sense of obligation.

Vivat Jesus!


A Message From Your State Deputy Robert W. Fox

My brother knights, ladies and families.

On behalf of my fellow state Officers, wives and families I extend my thanks to everyone who attended the installation of officers and District Deputies. It was a great weekend.

Now that summer is gone it's time to plan for gearing up membership. All those who were "gone" for the summer are back and councils should be at full strength. Time to start to do the work of the Order. 

The October Church Drive is approaching and you should have a plan in place. I heard of a district that was not doing the drive because of the fall MI drive and help would be limited. What a perfect time for a Church Membership Drive! Everyone around town will be aware of the Knights, including your fellow parishioners, you just need to ask. If help is the problem what about getting the youth involved in the MI drive? What about your other council members, you know, the ones waiting for someone to ask them to help. Train others in the council so that getting help is never a problem.

My goal for this month is 275 new members. Remember one member per council per month? If we did that, 275 is a snap. We could have twice that if we only applied it.

When recruiting, remember to explain that our programs are really a form of Evangelism reaching out to our fellow man. We, as Catholics, are challenged by our Holy Father to do just that. The Knights are a Faith based organization always have been always will be. It's time to start walking the walk. Once the person is initiated be sure to use the member interest form to find out his interests and the interests of his family. Get him involved, get the whole family involved.

I recently received word from Supreme that Michigan has winners in the International Service Program Awards. Congratulations  to Holy Family Council 10992 a third place International winner for their Benefit BBQ Also to Anchor Bay Council #5981 a 5th place International winner for their Onion Bag Food Drive and to Richard Council #788 for their fifth place award for their Pinewood Open. Also congratulations to Fr. George Ging Council #6824, a second place winner for their firewood cutting and distribution. Great job Brothers and families that were involved. Too the other councils around the state please submit your projects, you never know what will come of it.  The awards will be presented at the Tribute dinner.

May God bless each of you and your families. 

Good luck with the Church Membership Weekend and the fall MI Drive. 

One Member per Council per Month

Vivat Jesus


40 Days for life will kick off on September 24th

It's time!

One week from today, 40 Days for life will kick off in 297 cities in 13 countries ... beginning a campaign that will run from September 24 - November 2.

One year ago, volunteers in Hollister, California were gearing up for their first 40 Days for Life campaign in front of the local Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Last month — after speculation that Planned Parenthood's business had diminished and keeping the facility open could not be justified — they closed their doors! Praise God!

The local leader of that first — and only — 40 Days for Life campaign in Hollister said the number of prayer volunteers may have been small, but they spoke with a strong voice ... "and God heard their cry!"

The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts Wednesday, September 24 and goes through Sunday, November 2.

People just like those volunteers in Hollister will be out in front of abortion businesses and other Planned Parenthood facilities in 297 locations — cities from coast to coast in the United States and Canada as well as in 11 other countries ...

... including first-time campaigns in Mexico, Brazil and Latvia.

Will you join them? Go to:

Find the campaign nearest you — then let God use you to show His love and mercy to women (and men) seeking abortion ... to the babies scheduled to be aborted ... and to the abortion facility workers.

Through God's grace, 40 Days for Life has seen these miracles over the past seven years:

* 8,973 lives spared from abortion (that we know of)
* 101 workers have changed their hearts and left the industry
* 57 abortion centers have shut their doors forever
* 12 additional abortion referral centers have also closed

Will your city be the next one to see these blessings? Will your voice join with those who have already made commitments to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?

Ask youself that question ... pray about it ... then find the closest 40 Days for Life campaign:

I'm looking forward to a campaign that's prayerful and profound — and I can't wait to see what blessings the Lord will provide!

For Life,

Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: That link to the 298 locations for 40 Days for Life again is:


New Ultrasound

On Aug 14 the Grand Rapids Diocesan Knights dedicated a new ultrasound for the HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid center in Grand Rapids. Shown in the photo are DD Garret Kelenske, State Culture of Life Director Paul Thorn presenting the Diocesan check to HELP Executive Director Paula Venesklase. Shown with her are some of the staff HELP.


Special Days Camp

State Deputy & State Advocate presenting a check from the
GR Diocesan Knights of Columbus Family Day at the White Caps 50/50 ticket raffle to Jim Carey.

On June 29th Knights and their families joined together to enjoy a fraternal day at Fifth Third Ballpark watching the White Caps.  During the game 50/50 tickets were sold raising money for charity. This year the benefactor was the Special Days Camp held at Camp Pendalouan this summer. They treat children with cancer to a week at camp. Because of the illness of the campers special needs are provided from supervision, medication and necessary medical attention. Director Jim Carey invited the State Deputy, State Warden, the State Program Director and wives to tour the facility and enjoy time spent with the campers during lunch. After lunch the check of $1200.00 was presented to Jim Carey. This is a special place serving special kids. Information can be found on their website